First Semester in Review

Hello! I am happy to report that I have completed my first semester of college.

There have been good days and bad, ups and downs, but I made it through!

What is different about college?

Well, a lot!

-In high school, my classes, library, cafeteria, were in one building, but in college, I needed to adapt to walking to my classes, dining halls, campus center, libraries, etc. regardless of weather

-Classes are shorter in college. Furthermore, I had a lot more free time, so I needed to learn how to handle all of this time competently to do homework, etc.

-Living with someone, and living in a building with many, many students is a different experience!

-As expected, there is more homework, readings, writing essays, all of that! However, I have enjoyed the challenge and learning SO much new knowledge!

I look forward to learning more next semester!

Thank you for stopping by. Happy New Year!



How to Prepare and Study for Finals

Hello! As a first-year student, this is a question I have been considering a lot. What is the most effective way to prepare and study for finals? I suppose it depends on the final. Is the final a take-home paper, or is the final an exam?

For me, I have a combination of the two. So how will I go about each?

Final: Take home paper

  1. Well, first, I completed any other assignments that had to be done by the last day of the semester.
  2. However, I began outlining my thoughts in advance.
  3. Then, I just began (and am in the process of) writing the papers, following the prompts assigned.
  4. Lastly, after I have written the paper, I will go back and edit, edit, and edit!

Final: Exams

  1. I began by considering all the material I have learned throughout the semester.
  2. Then, I went through my notes (and still am doing this), deciding what information I have a good grasp on, what I think I know, and then what I need to study more to understand fully.
  3. I will then rewrite my notes, using colored pens, highlighters, etc. (colors make everything better!) each day as my study tool.

I hope these tips help. Good luck with finals! Happy Holidays.

Thanks for stopping by.



The Beauty of Holy Cross: Flower Edition

As the winter season comes upon us, and the colors turn from bright reds and oranges to grays and whites, I thought it would be nice not to let go of the pop of color.

I mentioned in my first blog post that I enjoy taking flower photos. However, I️ did not disclose that I am an avid fan of this hobby!

Plus, I am fortunate enough that because Holy Cross is such a beautiful campus, that everywhere I walk there are flowers and flower beds. So, I decided that I would take pictures of the pretty flowers that crossed my path.

Here is a photo of a flower after the rain…

And a multi-colored flower bed…

Plus, let’s not forget about the purple and white flowers…
*Holy Cross tribute (I think so!)*

I am grateful that the Holy Cross campus is lovely. The many flowers spread around bring more beauty and joy to all those, like me, who walk the grounds daily.

Do you have any favorite flower photos from HC? Don’t worry if you do not; I have plenty more!

Thank you for stopping by.


Early Decision- is it worth it?

I remember trying to answer these questions myself. Now, I want to help break down the questions for you!

For some seniors in high school, these thoughts may be swirling in their heads. What is Early Decision? Should I take the chance and apply?

Let’s tackle the first question: what exactly is Early Decision.

Simply, Early Decision (ED) is applying to a school early. Also, you will receive notification if you are accepted, deferred (to the Regular Decision pool) or rejected earlier as well. That is all. However, there is one caveat: if accepted, you are legally bound to attend the college and cannot apply to other schools.

Should I take the chance to apply?

If you know that the college is your first-choice, and you would LOVE to spend four years there, then go for it! But, if you have any hesitations about attending the college, consider waiting for the Regular Decision round. This way, you will have more time to think about the college you really want to attend.

Remember, you never want to rush into a decision and then regret the outcome.

Do you plan on applying ED?

Good luck!

Thank you for stopping by.



October Update

Headline: October Update

I cannot believe that it is October! Sometimes, I still cannot believe that I am a college student, seeing at this time last year I was in the midst of the Common Application saga.

Anyways, time flies, especially in college. Just last week, I was on fall break. Now, I am back on campus! So much happens so fast: moving in, meeting people, joining clubs, starting classes, taking midterms, fall break, the list goes on.

Which is why I want to mention my transition into college. Transitioning into anything new is never easy, especially a transition into the world of college. As this is the first time being away from home for an extended period of time, the transition has taken time. I am still becoming acclimated to my surroundings.

Yet, I am grateful that the students and faculty are kind, the campus is easy to navigate, and there are many picturesque places on my walks (pictured below).

I have already made some great friends, some that I can truly see as lifelong friends.

I look forward to becoming better acclimated to college as my time progresses.

Thank you for stopping by.



Hello! Welcome to Serena’s Story.

Hi again! I would like to welcome you to my blog and introduce myself with a few facts about me.

  1.  In my free time, I enjoy reading, going shopping, and spending time with my parents.
  2. My most favorite author is Jane Austen (although I love many others!)
  3. History is my favorite subject, and I plan on majoring in this!
  4. My favorite sports team is the Patriots, and I enjoy watching them play on Sundays.
  5. I have one dog named Niki.
  6. I enjoy taking flower photos.
  7. My favorite color is purple (naturally).

Aside from facts about me, I would like to note that I realize for many current seniors in high school, the college search, and selection process is in full swing. It is Common Application, tour session, and interview season. I remember this time vividly, and I hope that through my blog, I can alleviate some nerves, as I have first-hand experience with many of them!

Also, besides sharing college tips, I will share other anecdotes about Life on The Hill.

I look forward to sharing my story as a first-year student throughout the year!

Thank you for stopping by.